My Life as Colorful as the Flowers Nurtured with Atomic Bloomz

atomic2Having a colorful garden in our backyard is something I have envisioned from the moment we have moved in the house we can finally call our own. I have had so many attempts at growing roses. Since I never had any experience on growing flowers, I was amazed that there are different kinds of roses that I can grow. The varieties include climber roses, floribunda, grandiflora, hybrid tea, miniature roses, shrub and landscape roses, and tree roses.

An ambitious gardener that I am, I started my flower growing attempt with floribunda. I was very much attracted with its very colorful flowers. They are the most colorful among the varieties, I observed. I started with half a dozen container-grown roses of that variety. However high my hopes were, it did not help in sustaining the growth of my plants. All of them just died. I researched on what may have been wrong with what I did. I realized that I needed more materials than I thought in order to grow my roses beautifully. Part of those needed are fertilizers and compost or rose planting mix.



On my second attempt, I tried growing another variety – the hybrid tea roses. These are the most popular kinds of roses being sold in the market. I thought it would be easier to grow these kinds. This time I was fully – equipped and ready with fertilizers and rose planting mix. I was happy with the results for the first week. The plants seem to be growing healthier than the first batch I planted. I was almost ready to plant more but I stopped myself to wait for the outcome for the next week. I was thankful that I did because in the middle of the second week, the roses started wilting again. I did not know what I was missing because I religiously followed the instructions regarding the fertilizers and planting mix. is a leading online florist site where you can find out more on this.



I consulted a gardener in our neighborhood about my problem. He enlightened me about the importance of the quality of soil to be used in gardening. Moisture retention in soil is a significant attribute that must be considered. That was when I realized it was not that easy to maintain a garden. The plants must be well – supervised. I thought I need to hire some people to help me in maintaining the needs of the plants. It would mean additional cost to sustain my gardening venture. Thankfully, our neighbor shared to me the remarkable product – Atomic Bloomz. The way his plants grow in his garden gives me no room to doubt the product he referred to me. Wasting no time, I immediately ordered online.

Now, I have started my small flower business. I deliver flowers to some florist near our area. I am always proud to show – off my garden to friends because the flowers of the different variety of roses I grow are amazingly beautiful. I never have to hire additional help in carrying out the duties in my garden because with Atomic Bloomz, everything becomes easy. The product helps save time and money as well. In my case, it not only help me save money but it is helping me earn more.


Atomic Bloomz is the best plant supplement I have tried ever since I started my medicinal plants garden. Aside from its cost-effectiveness, I have now experienced more extracts from my plants that I never had before.  You can find out more about how it works here or why not check out their fantastic online shop here. They also have a feature packed blog here and of course if you have any questions at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the staff here.

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